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I am Anupama

Travel is my passion, Food is My weakness.

like everyone else I too play many roles in life. But the role which is my favorite is of a traveler. I love traveling and exploring different places. I love to try foods from different places and of different cuisines. And I always try to learn those recipes to cook later in my kitchen.

So my love for travel and food brought me to point where I had to start my own blog site. And that gave birth to TRAVEL BROWNIES.

I am not a full-time traveler or a chef.

My Hobbies

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Born: Srinagar, India
Currently Live in: Mumbai
Sunsign: Cancer



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Breaking the glass ceilings

Traveling Freely

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Staying happy

Traveling keeps me gay and happy. Nature is a best therapy for all kinds of sorrows in life. I want to travel as much as I can.


Having outdoor

In the age when internet has taken lot of outdoor fun away from everyday life. I make sure to regularly travel to enjoy amazing outdoor activities and fun.

Bhagat tarachand thali

Enjoying amazing food

Every place has its special food. And its fun to understand its recipe and then cooking in my own kitchen. I love learning and trying new recipes.

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Clicking The View

I just love getting clicked with background that has an amazing view. We all love it ? That is the reason cover pictures are so famous? right? Traveling offers you mesmerizing picture perfect views.

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I want travel brownies to be known for it realness and rawness. I don't want to show that travel is luxury. Travel is real and that's all it is. It liberates you and that is enough.
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Anupama Singh
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Travel Brownies is not just a travel blog. Travel Brownies is a friendly blog which wants to help its reader with all aspects which come across while traveling.
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