• featured Image of Statue of Unity

    My Family visit to Statue of Unity

    Years ago in 2018 when it came in the news that the Statue of Unity is now open for visitors. I was keen to visit this place. I have been a history buff from longest time. And anybody who has even little bit of knowledge of Indian freedom struggle knows how prominent Shri  Sardar Vallabhbhai …

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  • Shaadi Ka Laddoo book cover

    Shaadi Ka Laddoo – A book review

    My Rating – 3/5 Shaadi Ka Laddoo… ( Review without Spoilers)A RomCom novel by debutant author Chaitali Hatiskar Its free kindle format is currently available at Amazon. It’s a fun story of a guy named Ved Arora and a girl called Akira. Ved Arora is permanent kind of guy in the temporary world. He is …

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  • Book Cover - India's China War

    India’s China War – A book review

    My rating – 4/5 As I finish this book… I would say “The book is lengthy but very well researched.”If you are really interested to know the set of events which led to 1962 War then this book is a must read.Unfortunately it doesn’t have any story of courage or valor of our Army men.It …

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  • featured image

    The Happy Marriage Mantra – A Book Review

    This is a must read book for all the people who believe in the institution of marriage. All those who are getting married, please read it before you take the vows.

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  • travel during pandemic

    Traveling during Pandemic

    It was necessary In the beginning itself, I would like to mention that we did not travel for leisure. I don’t want my readers to assume that the traveling can be resumed now. We are still facing the pandemic and situation is no better than it was some months back. But at the same time, …

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  • Lockdown

    Impact of world-wide lock-down on future travel and travel industry.

    The current ongoing lockdown has impacted the lives of almost everyone around the world. As domestic and international travels have been banned everywhere, the tourism of each country has been badly hit. But what really scary is that people are waiting for the upliftment of the restrictions so that they can go flying to their …

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  • During Lockdown

    Things You Must Know About Travel During Lock-down

    Suddenly our world has come to a halt due to Lock-down. We have no option but to stay indoors. Shopping Malls, multiplexes were one of the first places to be closed. And within a few weeks our offices, shops, even online deliveries faced the same fate. And the travel during lockdown is now a major …

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