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Summer of 2019 was very special for me. I was waiting for my first wedding anniversary. And I wanted a holiday. I wanted to go to beach but beaches in India in summers was not looking like a good idea to me.



Udaipur has given me so much more than the other places I have traveled in my life. I have not just visited Udaipur but have spent 4 precious years of life here. I am calling those years as precious because those were my engineering college days.



Have you seen beautiful pictures of Gokarna – beach destination and wondering if the Gokarna – beach destination is worth your next long weekend and the money? 

Without a doubt, for a two-day trip, Gokarna is an ideal spot.

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Top 10 most beautiful and romantic destinations in India

If you observe our geography you will know that India has places of all weathers and temperaments i.e. Mountains, beaches, desert and snowy places.

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Its 2 AM and we both were not able to sleep. My husband asked me what worst can happen? I asked worst? He replied yes what will be the worst case? I told we may lose around 1L bucks.


Karnala Fort Trek - Panvel, Mumbai.

How will you feel when you expect something to be a total waste of time but that turns out to be phenomenal? I thought the same that Karnala Fort Trek will not be worth my weekend. But I was wrong.