• travel during pandemic

    Traveling during Pandemic

    It was necessary In the beginning itself, I would like to mention that we did not travel for leisure. I don’t want my readers to assume that the traveling can be resumed now. We are still facing the pandemic and situation is no better than it was some months back. But at the same time, …

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  • Lockdown

    Impact of world-wide lock-down on future travel and travel industry.

    The current ongoing lockdown has impacted the lives of almost everyone around the world. As domestic and international travels have been banned everywhere, the tourism of each country has been badly hit. But what really scary is that people are waiting for the upliftment of the restrictions so that they can go flying to their …

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  • During Lockdown

    Things You Must Know About Travel During Lock-down

    Suddenly our world has come to a halt due to Lock-down. We have no option but to stay indoors. Shopping Malls, multiplexes were one of the first places to be closed. And within a few weeks our offices, shops, even online deliveries faced the same fate. And the travel during lockdown is now a major …

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